Why is Falcon I engraving like this?

Creality Falcon with Creality Air Pump (on full pump)
Lightburn software

I have not done any engraving except for the initial test to determine best settings and one keyring. The board if flat, kept down with strong magnets.

Material used: 3mm MDF
Focus: Thickest option of the aluminium “focus setter”.

My first project was a keyring which came out beautiful.
Yesterday I engraved and cut out another two which came out like on the photo.
Why is it dark ons the sides and correct in the middle?

I will appreciate your advice since this is very new to me.

Not sure here, but isn’t it dust that lighten the color?
Have you tried to give it a gentle brushing with something like an old toothbrush?

Again, it’s just a guess from the picture - I wouldn’t be able to explain why it would do this.

You might want to try a different material to see if it behaves like this.
You can get pretty cheap boards at the dollar store in the craft section…at least in Quebec :smiley:

Let us know if you find anything out! I’m pretty curious and might learn something new!

No utilices el aireador para el grabado, solo para el corte.