Why my nozzle loses the Y axe

I have a Creality cr-6 that 235x235x250, I bought a bit more than two year.
I have not use it since a year, even more, Now, I would like to print a face of 220x120.
The nozzle move at Y at each Z level. My part has 4 columns of 1cm. but when it starts to build the colum, it look like if the face slides (at the Y axe) of less than 1mm.
You can see at this picture. The issue started before the printer build the 4 columns

What funny today, I changed the nozzle and I successfuly printed my part

Then I decided to print a second part, and the result was as in the first picture, where a added some red cicrcle

  • What can be the reason: the first time, it’s work, the second now?
  • As I have not used that printer since more than one year, should I change the parts as the belts? Can the belts dry?
  • After one year of break, which part should I replace?

Many thankd for your help

I solved my problem by tightening the Y axis belt