Why we can't skip nozzle cleaning routine

This has been bothering me since day 1, but it seems that not many people care.

Dear developers, why isn’t there an option to not run the nozzle cleaning routine? Similar to the option to not run calibration, this routine is not necessary for all prints.

All the topics I found on the internet only indicate that I should disable the calibration option, which I obviously always uncheck (and I would love for it to be unchecked by default, but I digress).

And I also ask colleagues who use this printer:
Don’t you mind that the printer always takes up to 5 minutes to start any job? Or does this happen with all modern printers? (and why?), I only worked with my old Ender 3 and didn’t have this problem.

I notice that the nozzle is rarely really dirty and needs cleaning. And a dirty nozzle has rarely caused me any real problems with my old Ender 3, occasionally a finishing problem that doesn’t interfere at all with prototyping development. In any case, would it be too much to ask for just to have an option?

It’s sad that a printer of such good quality that stands out for its speed has a very long time to start a job and ends up being slower than an Ender 3 for small jobs.

Seems to be limited by bed heating times, the hotend heats real quick but doesn’t start heating until the bed is at temperature (well on my 3 Ender machines its bed then nozzle) whereas my Snapmaker machine heats the nozzle then the bed. Could get more oozing with heating the nozzle first perhaps. Both the Ender 5 plus and Snapmaker A350T take an age to heat their beds, both plus sized, takes about 7 minutes to get everything upto temperature. As for cleaning, my Enders do a purge line and my Snapmaker extrudes out about 20mm then wipes the nozzle before printing. Are you after an option that removes that insignificant part of startup? Do you want more of an instant “inkjet” printing experience?