Wich one is better?

People, serious question
Which printer is better?
Creality CR-10 SE / Creality Ender 3-V3 core XZ

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I have the Ender-3 V3 and it’s performing very well. Haven’t had any problems… I don’t know about the CR-10 SE. I know they have about the same specs and marketing hype but the extruder is a little different on the CR-10 and it’s a little cheaper. I know the Ender has the updated unicorn nozzle and hotend but I don’t think the CR-10 does.
I would look to see which one has some good aftermarket add on or mods such as light kits, etc.

I would pick the Ender-3 V3. Although the CR-10 has the larger build plate than the CR-10 SE which you might look at that one…

Cr-10 SE $289 US

Ender-3 V3 $329 US