Wifi printing not keeping settings when start printing

In Creality Print application, I am setting the bed temperature and the printing speed but when the printer starts the print, those values are ignored and I have to set them manually on the printer screen.
Sometimes even when I am setting the speed manually from the screen, it reset to the default speed (100%) and I have to set it again manually.
My printer is CR-10 Smart Pro and the Creality Print application version is

Please help, this is annoying every time I wish to make those changes.

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hi this is usually passed over from the slicer in the starting g code

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Thanks, I will re-check the slicer gcode although I checked it in the slicer settings before.

Found the issue, since I installed Cura 5.7.0, the printer setting changed, and the “Heated bed” option was not marked.
Thanks for the direction, now it is working :slight_smile:

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Ah pesky options not staying where you put them.

Hate when that happens you spend ages cursing the machine from going wrong and it’s something in the slicer,

Guess that’s the game :joy:

Glad you’re sorted mate.