Window management in Creality_Print has multiple problems, making it a pain to use

Using Creality_Print under Windows, there are serious bugs in the screen interaction with Windows.
The file open and save dialogs come up behind the main Creality_Print window, instead of in front of the main window. As a result, nothing you type goes anywhere. To get around it I have to use Ctrl-Alt-Del to bring up the task manager, click Cancel when the task manager come up. After clicking cancel, it brings the open/save dialog to the front (in front of the main Creality_Print window) and the open/save dialog can then be interacted with.

Also, window resizing doesn’t work. At least, there is no way to size the application window to smaller than 1920 x 1080 (full screen on my laptop).

There is really no excuse for such fundamental user screen interaction problems.
I have plenty of other applications on my system, and none of them have such fundamental user interface problems.

Hello @BradLevy

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I use Creality Print on a desktop PC and have not had those issues you are having…
Open file and the new window opens in front where it should…
Resized to about half the screen but it works…

I can also confirm there are no issues with the slicer here either.

Menus all work as intended and the software can be resized without issue.

At a guess I would say that you may have windows scaling turned on within Windows and that is what is causing the issue.

I have the sizing issue too, but only on my laptop, its as if 1920x1080 is the minimum. On my desktop it works as normal. The edit button on the laptop is almost completely covered by the slice button, if I didn’t know it was there it would be missed, easily done for a new user on a laptop. Needs more work for sure.

Yep, I have the same issues on HP ELite Book. I really liked the Creality Print Slicer because out of the box you can print really good quality objects but those freezing issues make it painful to work with.

I tried Cura but honestly the prints are horrible even with the custom settings like in CP, which is odd since CP is a fork of Cura. So now I’m really into Orca Slicer and I’m getting really good prints after a little tweaking, also printed successfully Objects with Generic TPU at 40mm/s and the cherry of the cake about Orca is that it really does support the M600 Code to change the filament with my 3V3SE, this didn’t worked before on Cura or CP.

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