Wire routing issues

After filament out relocation and second side fan add I was routing the cables inside the K1 and having issues with the rear right vertical plastic cover staying on, I discovered the Z axis motor cable was routed through the bottom left of the plastic cover without any notch, the plastic covers sharp bottom left edge was pressing down on the cable and with the top edge tight it bowed the middle, that is why I found that cover loss when I unpacked it. I notched the bottom left of the cover allowing the Z cable clearance and now the cover snaps into place… Thanks Creality. On the filament relocation, do open the bottom and free more cable and then tie everything down. The filament leads cross the belts along with the main +24 power lines from the power supply and are tied together, pulling from the top not suggested.

I don’t have the K1 anymore but I remember that plastic cover kept coming off also and had to snap it back in place a few times… Kind of like they threw it together… :thinking: