X and Y pattern on prints while vase mode

Hello, everyone.

I’m encountering issues with my prints in vase mode, also known as “Spiralize Outer Contour” in Creality Print, the software I use for slicing. My prints exhibit patterns along the X-axis, and with the latest print, I’ve also noticed a pattern on the Y-axis. I have been printing with a nozzle width of 0.4mm and wall widths of 0.8mm and 1.2mm, but the error persists in both cases. I’ve tried lubricating the Y-axis rod, but the problem remains. Does anyone have any ideas about what might be causing these patterns?

Other prints vary in height, and the pattern does not seem to be connected to any specific height. I’ve been printing smaller objects one by one, and the patterns appear in different places, but consistently along the entire X-axis when they do.

Thanks in advance for your help.

oops sorry, you already tried wide lines… ignore my ramblings :wink:

I’m considering that the issue might be related to the e-steps, and I plan to perform some calibrations, possibly using methods other than the calibration cube.

Regarding the cube test, there’s a different issue visible on the Z
face where the edges vary in size at the height where the letter is located. Could this issue be related to the problem I initially presented? I am attaching pictures of the cube for reference.

I checked extruding 100mm of filament, and it is exactly as it should be. Do you guys have any ideas?