X-y axis auto leveling issues after installing sprite extruder

Currently running a 4.2.2 stock board.
1.4.3-c stock firmware.
Sprite extruder pro kit
X-axis replacement cover for the extruder.

added what was supposed to be the correct gcode to get a correction on axis ends but my Y axis is too far back and x-axis is a bit too inward
The Cr probe is about 1/2 inch in front of the bed and it will start a endless auto leveling and auto homing loop.

i havent fully tried editing firmware or gcodes again as im not super smart on how to do that and i fried my last cr touch trying to do so.
im able to print and manually level which im cool with but the y offset is significantly out of place and causing confusion.

ill update with picture in a moment

Nvm. Pictures don’t show much and a 4 second video is too big of a file to upload but maybe one picture helps :man_shrugging:

Nvm again. Picture exceeds file size.

Perhaps upload the video to youtube, there is a way to do it so it is not generally public but you share the video.