XY axis motors run at different temperatures

On the second day of ownership while printing my K1 stopped, no error, no display response and the Device view on my computer would not respond. I powered off the K1 and while checking things I found the motor on the right was hotter than the left motor. After everything cooled off I turned the machine back on just to discover the K1 wanted to restart the job…
While running I measured the temperature of the motors, left at 36~38 right 42~46
What would cause one motor to heat up?

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Sorry you’re having trouble with your K1… :cry:

While it’s normal for those motors to get warm I’m not sure of the temps they should run at. On my K1 Max they get warm also.

I’m wondering why your machine just stopped. If one of the motors is bad (overheating) I would contact support (cs@creality.com) or wherever you bought it from. If on Amazon maybe start a return would be quicker…
Send all purchase info and pictures if any.

Go to Creality Wiki here :arrow_heading_down:
Support Page on Wiki

and scroll down to the support area…

The motors dont tend to always have the same workload during a print so one motor may be doing slightly more work than the other.