Xyz calibration

I am trying to improve the dimensional accuracy of my Ender 3 S1 Pro and I printed a calibration cube. On the Internet, I came up with this formula (machine value x desired value) / measured value of the printed cube.

  1. I don’t know where the machine value comes from.
  2. The results don’t seem to fit the X Y offset called for in the menu option / Tool/ Manage printer/ Extrusion 1.

My cube calls for the XYZ to be 40 mm
The actual printed cube ended up being,

This whole thing came about when I tried to print a nut and bolt (M12x1) and they didn’t match, the nut hole was too small or the bolt shaft was too big or a bit of both.
Can I just set the offset values negative? Such as the X offset would be a -.39?

Your print is consistently too big, that’s likely an issue with overextrusion not with the steps / mm for the motors. Calibrate the flow rate.

Ok, thanks. I guess I need to learn more about flow rate. Interestingly, this is so much like an onion there’s so many layers to learn about!
As a fly fisherman, I am very aware of the layered onion.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

With newer printers, you should only need to adjust the Z-offset (unless it has an extra sensor for that) as well as flow rate and temperature since these settings are also filament dependent. The slicer profiles provided should be good enough so that it at least prints ok otherwise without too much fine tuning.

Thanks for the response. It is printing all right, except that when you make parts that need to fit together, they don’t. I haven’t yet got around to playing with the flow rate and temperature settings. Currently I’m using flow rates and temperature settings for PLA plus that came with the machine. The stuff and printing at the moment it’s not that critical so I’m done with all that I’ll work on flow rate and temperature.

Reduce the flow rate until at least the 0.3 and 0.2 the wheels turn:

thanks, interesting model for calibration.