Z Belt Skipping, Cannot Auto Level

Hi there,
I have an odd problem with my k1 max. The bed cannot raise more than about halfway without (presumably) the z belt skipping loudly. When this happens, only the back z screw moves the bed up, tilting it forward. I shut the machine off to prevent damage but unfortunately this means I cannot get past initial setup (autolevel step) as it has been reset to factory.

What I have tried so far: I have done the Creality bed leveling method where the z belt is taken off the z screws and the bed is manually returned to the bottom of the machine and screwed in. I discovered that when the bed is returned to 0, the front left side sits 4mm above the floor where the others can return all the way to the bottom and be screwed in normally (maybe bent z screw???).

Unfortunately, this has failed to fix anything. Upon inspecting the z belt mechanisms and circuitry underneath the machine, nothing appears to look wrong. I am beginning to suspect bent or warped z axis screws that prevent the bed from going up further but I cannot immediately see anything wrong with them. I am looking for some ideas on how to troubleshoot this and what might be wrong with the machine.

about the machine This machine was gifted to me by someone who has passed away. To my understanding, I do not think I can get warranty help as the machine was purchased a while ago and I do not have the order number.

Greetings FlameOfTheFire!
Hope we can ‘straighten’ out the issue, lol
The video gives a great baseline to start from. Big critical step in there is making sure all 3 rods are pulled all the way down. This means your bed will be at it’s lowest point on all corners. Next is to insert the packing screws, that you probably don’t have, but never fear: M3-20mm socket cap screws
The thread pitch, I don’t know, but they just screw into plastic.
If you don’t find a way to lock down the bed, this step is impossible.
Once it’s locked down, the video works. Trust me, I’ve lived it.
When you go to put the belt back on, make sure it’s nice and even. When you go to tighten the belt screws, make sure you add tension to it- I used the scraper as a pry bar, you might have other tools available.
Once tight, put the bottom back on, stand her up and release the three screws.
Next, factory reset it, let it run through the self check…
If it made it through, open up a web page to your ip address as http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/#/home
Scroll down to see your graphic bed mesh!

Should this fail, and customer service can’t help, we will be here!
Let us know one way or another, please

Thank you, managed to get past the bed leveling after doing the creality leveling method again and pulling off the side panel to find a screw that was just barely too long (replaced by previous owner) and blocking the bed from moving up past a certain point. I’m now looking into rooting the printer and am researching all that entails.