Z-stop and bed probe are not talking to each other

Loving my old CR6-SE, as it is easy to tinker with and learn from. Usually. I’m working on my son’s unit now (also CR6-SE, with the ERA board). His unit gets a probing failure during autoleveling, but I don’t want to jump to conclusions about which part needs replacing. (Most have already been replaced anyway.) Here is what happens when attempting to home or autolevel:

On the rare occasions when the nozzle touches the bed, the probe (strain gauge) lights up correctly. Two touches, two lights, then up it goes, to its z-offset, no problem. But on the vast number of occasions, the nozzle never even gets near the bed. It appears that when the z end stop is tripped (red light on gantry leg), it causes an immediate stop and then the nozzle reverses up on z. Repeat the process, and it goes up even higher.

So the error that occurs is most likely due to the fact that the nozzle should be at bed height, but is way high above it instead. So no probing is possible. The root cause appears to be that the z-stop is not doing a proper handoff to the probing mechanism that interacts with the strain gauge, but just takes over.

The problem occurs with the original firmware and also with the Community firmware. So it’s most likely hardware-related, but if both parts are working, then what other component is not working? Any similar experiences?