10w Laser Module for Ender3


Got this laser module for Christmas and I cannot get it to work. It is connected correctly but LightBurn keeps throwing connection errors. I have tried several different USB cables and I keep getting the same error.

It starts up, makes a small mark on the wood and then stops and says it has lost the connection.

I tried downloading LaserGRBL and it worked better, except the Y axis didn’t move and the laser was focused on the metal of the printer. I pulled the bed out and moved the test piece to where the laser would be and it cut a deep line (was only trying to engrave) and stopped.

Any suggestions on how to get this thing working before I box it up and send it back?

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Have you updated the firmware for this module…?

How to Firmware update for laser module


Thanks for the info, however I have the Ender3 Pro not the S1, so my control unit is not the display like in the video. It is the old rotary button type.

Any other suggestions?