Accidentally purchased 2.85mm PLA for V3 KE

Hi All,

I accidentally purchased one kg of 2.84mm PLA material (I was simple not carefully at the order time). But I have Ender-3 V3 KE which is de facto stated as 1.75mm filament. Am I understanding correctly no way to use 2.85 material due the feeder and the detector also unable to handle?

So I simple lost money on this purchase?

It won’t work. Too thick. That’s for the industrial printers like Ultimaker, Lulzvbot and BCN3D costing thousands of dollars…

I guess it would depend on who you bought it from and their return policy…
They might let you exchange for a 1.75mm

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Thanks for the links.

Only question left why small IT shop (focusing on home consumers) buy 2.85mm materials if just industry machines (mean corporate) able to use it? :grinning:

Or may be they miss order also as same as me just in bulk amount and can not do it anything with those now.

If I can make a suggestion which has always worked for us: If you are able to, buy from Amazon (even if you are anti-Amazon) because you can always return/exchange the product (for 99% of issues). It’s the one major benefit of purchasing from them, otherwise you now have a $ paperweight unless you can sell it or repurpose it.

All sellers should have a function like Amazon (for automobiles) where you can type in your model of printer and then it will let you know if the related accessories will work with your printer.

Don’t worry I am working on the refurbish process.
Just simple no understand why IT shops put those 2.85mm product on their sale pages if just industry class devices use it. I think in my country non of the home users have industry class 3D printers. If any corporate buy it then they will buy trough corporate channel and not via IT shops/distributors

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Maybe send them and email asking about it… I’m curious also… :thinking: