Auto bed leveling

These are the reading i get when auto level, i have no idea what it means,please help.

I’m using Ender 3 V3 KE

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Quite simply that is a map of your printbed as seen from above.
When you do an auto level the CR touch checks the centre of the bed, this is used as a baseline to work out the bed “level”.
When the head does its 25 tests it calculates each point from the baseline, this is then translated into the “mesh” you see on the screen.
If you look at your readings the centre is 0.01, basically level, however front left is 0.20 this is slightly higher and back right is -0.74 this is lower.
The software now uses this to compensate for the uneven nature of the print by moving the Z axis by tiny amounts as the head moves across the bed so you get a perfect print.
If you are printing something relatively big you will be able to see the Z axis screws moving as the printer compensates for the bed level.


Now that is very useful information! Thank you.