Bed is way off fore and aft Ender 3 v2

I just assembled my Ender 3 v2 and the bed won’t level out front to back. I had to cut the tab off from the z axis limit switch to get the bed to level in the front. Doing so, the rear almost doesn’t crank down enough on the rear to slide a piece of paper through for leveling. Is there another adjustment I need to make to the bed to raise the front up? If I turn the adjusters out, they unscrew before coming close to leveling out

Hi @OhmsLaw43 and welcome to the forums.

When leveling the V2 bed I recommend winding the bed screws in by about half way, this will then give you room for adjustment in both the up and down directions.

Also ensure that your z limit switch is attached in the correct position, you may find that you have your limit switch too high and it needs lowering slightly.

So I finally had to cut the tab off the limit switch to get it close. I installed a CR Touch and it worked fine for about a week. Now the bed is off again and leaving gaps where it prints. I’m about to go to Bambu Labs and trash this thing

You can usually remove the z limit switch completely if using a touch probe. You will likely find that you need to fine tune your z offset to get the printer printing with no gaps.