Benchy printing offset on KE

Update: The solution was as simple as going back through and tightening all gantry screws both top and bottom
I received my KE printer and tried to print the benchy that came on the USB drive. However, each time I tried to print it, the bow and everything above it was offset from the base of the boatby as much as 1/8th inch. It was offset a different amount each of the three times I attempted to print. I downloaded the benchy stl file and was able to get that to print at a slower speed just fine. I could not figure out what settings to use on Creality Print to make this print high speed as my KE should. Is there a place I can dowload the file used by Creality on the USB drive, or are there speed settings I can change with the standard benchy file to test the high speed printing on my KE? Thanks!

Hello @bschust ,
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That’s a nice printer.
Were you able to add that printer in Creality Print…?

There is a tab in the Creality Print menu for calibration. Check that out. Also a tutorial for calibration.
Here you should be able to find a benchy boat (or anything else)
Creality Cloud Models

Hi @jimandyen, yes I found that printer in Creality Print. The solution may have been as simple as going back through and tightening all the gantry screws top and bottom

Nice. Have fun making stuff and learning… :grinning:

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I have the original benchy gcode on my USB stick but I can’t upload it sorry. Any clues as to where I can send it to you?

Hi @Bonfireman, thanks for the offer. I solved my issue by going back through and tightening all the screws on the printer. From some other posts I have seen elsewhere, this seems like a common problem with these printers coming from the factory with loose screws.