Best Bed Temperature for E3 V3 SE

I have been printing several things for my N Scale layout. Things were going great until this last print. The filament didn’t adhere in some places during the first layer. So, I dropped the nozzle temperature from 215 C, (been work great so far), to 190 C. Bingo! Adhesion.

So my question is… has anyone used Creality CR Series filament WITHOUT heating the bed.

Have you played with Z offset instead? 190 is a little low not too low though. I have never printed on a cold bed, 45C yes but not cold.

Thank you for the reply. I have not messed with the Z offset because I’m not really sure what that does, but I’ll look into it. I tried 215 for a nozzle temp also. The best results - so far - have been the drop in nozzle temp to 190. Haven’t toyed with the bed temp either.

Try cleaning your bed… I had the same thing, after cleaning with isopropanol it was sticky as before.