Brand new Ender 3 V3 KE keeps restarting

Hello! I just bought my first 3d printer, Ender 3 V3 KE. I assembled it, made sure it was on the correct voltage and everything. When I turn it on, the screen comes on, I can choose language, connect to wifi, everything, but during the initial self test, it will get about halfway through, then suddenly just restart

I would check the PSU or motherboard fans are running. My Ender 5+ had a problem fan that would cause something like this. There are 2 fans, one blows on the motherboard and one that is built into the PSU. I put a bigger fan on my Ender 5+ and am thinking of doing the same on both my SE and KE, aiming for better cooling and less fan noise.

It must be under warranty, you should contact the support

Check the voltage on the back. It’s a little red toggle switch in the back of the printer. I had the same issue because mine was set to 230. It needs to be set to 115. Mine worked just fine after switching it. Refer to instruction 3.4-4 in the Quick Installation Guide.


Thanks a ton!! This worked for me!!