Brand new Ender-3 V3 SE won't go past auto z offset screen

Hey all
We’ve just bough an ender-3 V3 Se. On startup it goes into the auto z offset calibration - the head rises about 10mm and then stops and nothing else happens - the screen is unresponsive.
We’ve reinstalled the firmare -downgraded to the older version and still have the same problem. then upgraded back to lastest version but it still crashes.
Have checked all motor cables are plugged in correctly.

Any ideas? have we got a dud unit?

Is the probe deploying, mine had a sticky probe where it didn’t always deploy correctly

It doesn’t get close enough to the bed for the probe to deploy. Just moves up 10mm and then freezes.

Part of the procedure is move up 10mm then deploy, any homing will do this so it doesn’t try to deploy into the bed and bend the pin if stopped close before.

Check the connections for the CR touch make sure it’s okay

We managed to trick it into moving down by pressing the x axis limit switch, then the probe will deploy and detect the bed, but on the next movement down it crashes into the bed and will damage the head.
Where are the CR touch connections you mention?
And thanks for the help!

If that’s the case then it’s the x axis motor is not running check the wire to the stepper motor on the x axis

I wondered if that was the case - is it supposed to do an x axis calibration before doing the Z?
I’ve already checked the cable and connection and it seems ok.

Yeah I don’t really look at it anymore but it does y x then z.

Potentially could be the motherboard side the called is loose. I would double check all connections to be honest shipping does sometimes take a beating to items no matter how good they are packed.

I’m pretty sure my last delivery was drop kicked from a speeding van towards my house

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I’ve checked all connections and everything seems fine.