Burning with new nozzle

I changed my nozzle from 0.4 to 1.0 and I noticed a burning smell while printing. Thought it was because it was a new nozzle, but I went to change the nozzle back to the thinner one and noticed that the “shroud” is all burnt and melted. This can’t be normal. Also my print had burn marks on it as well. Any guess about what happened? Is it ok? I also noticed that the additional nozzle I bought are shorter than the nozzle that came with the printer. Is that normal? Images attached.

I managed to get the 1.0 nozzle out, but now I can’t get the old one back in. Any suggestions?

Run an M6 tap through it?

Sorry. Not entirely sure what that is.

It basically screws into the threads to clean them up. Called a tap or thread chaser to fix and dress damaged female threads.

Example of a Tap Set

Also sounds like something else went wrong like maybe the temperature sensor…? Did you connect everything up after you changed nozzles…?
Taking the old nozzle out requires the heating up of the hotend and using two wrenches so the heating element part or wires won’t break…
Just covering the basics here… :thinking:

It’s best to use the same length nozzle as was in there. If the new one is shorter it will have to calibrate and might not work correctly.

Looks like you overspilled inside the nozzle head “hotend” and resine burned inside the cover. I had the same problem and my Z was not well adjusted and was pushing to hard on the plate and my nozzle was not screwed on tight enough.
We can use the same nozzles as the K1 and your short one is not good for our head.
I might not be right but since no one else answered your question lol

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Yes, I was speculating the same issue. Do you think the hotend is ok, or do I need a new one. I’m going to use a m6 tap as suggested to “re-thread” the inside so I can get the old nozzle back in. Hopefully that’s all that it needs. Thanks.

The nozzle is smaller so it left a free space in the hotend, the filament passed for a few millimeters directly to the hotend before reaching the nozzle, it could be that it burned or leaked before coming out, and that is the black material around the nozzle, the one I had was high flow and the last one was not

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