Cant get filament to extrude

so i cant get the filament toi extrude anymore. i took the extruder apart and even the feeder to see if there was a clog but there is no clog in the upper part of the extruder but the filament wont go down into the nozzle to where it will extrude. i took the nozzle off but it doesn’t look like there is a clog in it but i dont have anything small enough to go into the nozzle(nothing came with it) and not even sure if the clog is in the hotend itself.

Are the extruder gears moving trying to push the filament through…?

Can you feed it through manually…?

Bump the temp up some more when you try to feed manually and it might melt whatever could be stuck in the hotend… (If that’s where the clog is.)

yes the gears are moving.

thanks i’ll try that when i get home tonight. i can feed the filament all the way through but it feels like it gets stuck. gonna bump the temp up to max which is 300c and try that.

so i no longer think it’s clogged i think it has something to do with the gears and not sure how to really find out.

So you can push the filament all the way through…?

Can you post a pic of the extruder and maybe someone more familiar with it can offer a suggestion…?

got it fixed. come to find out it was indeed a clog. it was in the little tube the goes down into the nozzle. but i got it out and now it seems to be working

Great…! Glad it’s fixed… :+1: