Changing steps/mm

Is there a way to adjust the steps per mm on the End3 V3 KE?

Rotational distance on the KE, I think you have to root it to get to that setting. I am not brave enough yet to do that. Can you get to printer.cfg from the Web interface? Not at my machine to check.

hi mate , the question is : why you need adjust steps/mm ? you try flow calibration first ?
it´s a way for calibrated the steps , but not a user friendly .
normally you dont need to do this , need to check all hardware first .

hope can help your question.

I’ve gone through all of the calibration modules and my printer prints beautifully just not to the size it should. If I scale the model in Creality Print I can get the dimensions perfect, however I would prefer not to have to do this for every print. The X is .23mm too big over 36mm, the Y is .12 too small over 14mm and the Z is .2 too big over 10mm without scaling. My first print was a Prusa RepRap that I built. I could change everything to dial it in. Seems like there has to be a way to modify the firmware in an Ender3 V3 KE>

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Web interface doesn’t allow you to do much. Haven’t found the .cfg file.

Yes by rooting it, you can then get to printer config by updating the web interface to the full klipper.

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