Clogged hot end

A tiny fragment of plastic got stuck in the blades of the heat breaker fan, stopping it.
So a huge blockage was caused.
I tried retracting and extruding numerous times, but nothing!
I disassembled the nozzle, but it is clean, it seems that the clogging comes from the heat breaker.
I thought I’d try with a needle, passing it through the nozzle, so that it picks up heat and conducts it up to the upper parts.
If that wasn’t enough I should try removing the heat breaker.
Do you have other ideas?

Did the silicone protection of the nozzle get damaged during these operations? is there a replacement part? and is there a spare part for the ceramic heating block? searching on the official website I only found it for the K1 and K1 max

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I had a similar issue when I changed to the high flow nozzle on my SE. I in-fact damaged the bowden tube between the nozzle and the extruder. I was not able to find a replacement or any info on said tube (size). I ordered a whole new hotend so I could get the length right and some bowden tubing for 1.75mm filament. I took the nozzle off the new hotend and removed the small tube, measured it aside the new tubing and cut it to length. I then got the existing nozzle to 240C and removed the nozzle (doesn’t tell you that in the directions, I found that out from this video.) I then disassembled the entire print head, cleaned out the extruder and hotend assembly, put it all back together with the new small bowden tube and everything has been good since. Hope this helps. I don’t have precise measurement tool yet so I can’t measure the small tube to let you know what size it needs to be cut at. But I did save the new one and cut a few tubes already just in case. Make sure you take the extruder apart, inspect it and clean as needed.

Another thing you might could try, but I’m not sure of any damaging affects, is remove the nozzle then the hotend assembly, heat it with a heat gun or torch or even a mini inductor, and try to clean it out. Once you get it cleaned out then you should be able to remove and inspect the small bowden tube.

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Thanks for the advice. I found a hot end (looks official) on AliExpress, and if the piece of tube is damaged, I’ll replace it with a bowden like a Capricorn.
Anyway, I’ll also try to heat up and try to make room for myself with a needle, even if the piece is damaged by now… I can’t do any other damage

Just make sure after you heat it up to remove the nozzle. I would also take it all apart afterwards and inspect the extruder, hotend, etc as well. Hopefully you didn’t damage the bowden tube.

Did that AliExpress hotend arrive for you yet? I saw some deals on there for what looks to be official product however the prices seemed way too good to be true. Let us know how it works for you.

Ran across an even better solution here
Just get rid of that tube all together. I got it already, but I’m waiting on my new motherboard (sd card slot broken) to install it.