CR Touch error contact Customer service

Just set up my new printer and followed the directions. Turned on and selected English as first screen asked. confirmed that nothing was touching the heated bed or nozzle. next said auto Z offset in progress at which time I get the message " CR Touch Error, please contact customer service" This is the closest thing I can locate for CS contact. Help.

Hi @billnix and welcome to the forum.

I would recommend gently seeing if you can pull the metal probe on the touch probe to ensure it is not stuck. Be very gentle with it and do not force it but sometimes you may find that the probe is somehow stuck and wont eject, if you manage to free up the probe and it slides in and out with ease try firing up the printer and seeing if it then works as intended.

If you still have no luck you can contact support using one of the following methods…
Live Chat: via the CrealityCloud app or website (Creality Customer Support).
FB Support: Creality Customer Service