Creality box 2.0

I don’t get the creality box 2.0 working. If i try it wireless then only 1 orange light comes on. And when i plug an internetcable in 2 lights come on the orange and the blue light. And it seems that the supplied sd-card is empty. Is this supposed to be?
Please help😅

Hello, @Dominic1983 ,

Hopefully one of these videos will help answer your questions… :+1:

Creality Box Setup Info

Creality Box Info

Thanks, i"ve watched those numerous times and followed the instructions to the letter. But nothing seems to worm. And shouldn’t there be any firmware ln the SD card. Because now the card is completely empty

Sorry… Maybe try to exchange… Electronics can be finicky sometimes…

There is no software on the creality box2.0 SD card, the card is used to store the print send by the cloud or network print.
did you hold the reset for 10 secs ?
did you turn on Bluetooth (if using your mobile to set up)
did it ask for you network ID and password?
did you scan the QR code or setup manually?


Yes i did all the above. And i see now that the qr code is faded away aswell. I think from all the touching.
And it never asked for the network id / password because nor my phone nor my laptop can detect it.