Creality Ender-3 V3 SE problems with stuff

my creality Ender-3 V3 SE turns off and then turns back on when i try to set the bed temp or trying to print something
if i do calibartion with the print it only goes to the 1st calbiartion then turns off aftert the 2nd point
on the 25th (thats when i got it) it would print but the nozzle wouldnt go all the way down
i am using the defualt printer fillmant it came with (i have a differnt one that i got for t he 3d pritner) i dont know if i should use the fillman that came with it or use the one i got
this is my first time using an 3d printer

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Check the switch of the voltage and choose the correct one for your region. Usually we have that problem when we didn’t switch to the right voltage.

ii’ll check


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Got same issue but voltage is ok. any other advice ?

Did you see that red switch on the side and you switched it to the right one

If it’s an house outlet switch to the 15w something wats I think that’s what it says

I’m in UE so i have to have 230v.

is it an older appliances outlet or newer?
try making sure its plugged in all the way

have you tried the other way on the switch?

Try this: