Creality k1 Max nothing but spaghetti and trouble codes 2060 / 2564 / E0004 Etc

I´ve bought my K1 Max one month ago and have printed in all 5 day´s from which i have some nice prints, but now it seems like it´s trying to test me in how far i can throw this machine.
it won’t finish two prints in a row without throwing out some sort of error and I’m scared to even think about printing large objects and waist jet again a spool of filament.
I´m getting so it seems random errors because in some cases it´s shows like it crashed and gives an error and if i´m lucky enough to be next to it, i can press ignore and it will finish the print, mostly i´m not lucky and the print is ruined.
I´ve changed the nozzle (the updated version like the one that was already installed) for the spare one that came with it, in the hope it would become better, but nope, it still seems like this machine wants to fly, can someone please make public what these codes mean or standing for, so at least we know where to look for trouble shooting.


Hi Rick,

Sorry to hear you’re having issues with the K1 Max. Here is a list of some of the error codes from the K1 series…

Also here is a link to the Creality Wiki for the K1 Max, in the troubleshooting section you should see a section titled “Error Code Trouble Shooting” where there is some extra info for each error code:
Creality Wiki - Troubleshooting of K1 Max

Good luck and hope you manage to get it printing perfectly soon!

What @Nikoli said and also take pics, send purchase info all that to since you just bought it.

If you are getting a lot of errors for the AI function try turning them off in the options screen under Camera / AI function. See if that stops any of the errors. Mine would throw up errors for no reason I could see but printed fine.

Many of the error codes are not even listed. We talked about them here…Error codes (And what we can do with them)

It takes awhile sometimes but they will respond.

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Hi Jimandyen,

I´ve contacted them already a couple of days ago with this issue, till now no response, I´ve bought the k1 max directly of creality´s store and directed my emails to their service team with all the details of the machine, including overall printing time, i did not send any pictures but uploaded every error to their server i presume.
I have the biggest problems in printing PETG for wich i bought it, i reduced the speed to a point that i might as well have bought any printer for half the price.
i only use creality print as i´m still learning and didn´t want to mess around before understanding the machine and how it all works.
I just hope someone from their side will contact me as i´m close to throwing this k1 out of the window and switch to bambulab and try my luck there, the only thing from doing that is all the extra´s i´ve bought already for this k1.

Hi Nikoli,

Thank you for the list, it would be nice to become some sort of trouble shoot from creality as it is a hands-on machine that needs to much attention for my liking.
for instance, the code 2564 which the display shows (E0004) made me change the nozzle which is/was the updated version and still the problems continued, now i´ve taken everything apart again and found out that these hard wires of the ceramic coil are bended by the red sleeve that go´s over it and in my case one of them was caught underneath and stayed to close to the coil of the nozzle and causing a wrong value in temperature, still with PETG i have prints stop with random errors, but with PLA fingers crossed it´s printing without errors till now.
I just think that with a machine like this and for what it costs we shouldn’t have so many problems and that after only 5 days of printing.

I find whenever I have problematic filaments the best thing to do is run some calibration tests to check temperatures are all ok for the filament. It definitely sounds like the printer is struggling to either stay up to temperature or hold its temperature during the print though.

If you see jagged/wavy lines on your temperature graph during the print around the point it fails this usually points to a fault hotend that needs replacing. Customer support should definitely help you with this, they can be a little slow to reply but I usually find I get a reply within around 48 hours. I guess different timezones cause chaos and I expect they can be very busy at times with queries.

I have just had a poke around the Creality Wiki and came across this handy page which covers calibrations and tests that all look to be performed within the Creality slicer:
Creality Wiki - Calibration Tutorial
the calibration tutorial is based on PLA but there is no reason you couldn’t do the same tests but using the PETG configuration in the slicer instead. Hopefully some of the tests may help you pinpoint the exact issues and what can be done to resolve them :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for your input, by far the best advice I’ve become till now.
I´m new in 3d printing and wondered about these calibration settings, but it didn´t sink into me to try them out,
Like I’ve said before I’m still learning and didn´t want to mess up any settings.
But as it seems, the standard settings even do with their own filament doesn´t seem to go hand in hand.
Thanks again, sure to try it.

You’re very welcome :slight_smile:
I have only been 3D printing for the last couple of years but have tinkered a lot with the printers I have had. Never be afraid to play around with the slicer settings, you can always revert them back to default if ever you needed to.
Part of the fun of learning is experimenting and the Creality community is pretty huge these days so usually there is someone never far away with helpful tips or advice :slight_smile:
Good luck and hope you get the settings dialed in right soon.

Hello @Nikoli ,

I see you have a K1. Is it working ok for you. What is your favorite slicer…?
I’m using Creality Print slicer until I learn how to make a profile for the K1 Max to use Cura and see if I like it…

I’ve only been in this printing scene for a few months now. Learned alot… :face_with_monocle:

Hi @jimandyen,

I am indeed a proud owner of the beast that is the K1 :slight_smile: I was lucky enough to win it during the Creality livestream with Sam Prentice back in August.
Up until then I was mainly using a Ender 3 V2 and still use it to this day as its a very dependable machine.
The printer is working really well overall, there are a few little niggles that need ironing out but otherwise thoroughly enjoying the K1.
My preferred slicer is PrusaSlicer as I like the ability to tweak and adjust each setting and also like the ability to create per filament profiles and set extrusion multipliers per filament too. I have used Creality Slicer several times and it seems to work well but I have used PrusaSlicer for so long now that I feel more comfortable using that slicer.

Creating your own slicer profiles is not as daunting as it might seem. Most of the settings can be copied from the profiles within Creality Print and then tweaked or modified to suit your preference :slight_smile: it is a lot of fun.


That’s really neat to win a K1. Awesome. Congratulations… :star: :star: :star:

Thank you for the slicer info. I’ll eventually get time to explore more…

Thank you @jimandyen :slight_smile: I feel very lucky, I honestly thought I had won a t-shirt at first which was cool, then everyone in the livestream chat started saying that I had won the K1 and I was blown away. It didn’t fully sink in until the printer arrived :smiley:

You’re very welcome for the slicer info. Playing with other slicers is a lot of fun as there is so many different things you can do in some slicers that you cant do in others. One of the things I like about PrusaSlicer is the ability to adjust parameters for different parts of the print. For example you could start the print with a 0.2 layer height but then have certain layers of the print printed at different layer heights :slight_smile: