Error codes (And what we can do with them)

I’m hoping someone has a list of error codes. I have a K1 Max and it generates a few errors. I’d love to know what they mean and a potential resolution.
E0500: Unknown error
I love this one…something happened to generate this, what was it?
In another post, @REDWOOD and @banjo451 asked about E2505 and our friend @Collin replied:
Hi, @REDWOOD Error code 2502 Cause: Abnormal motor driver chip (motor chip overheating, low voltage, short circuit…) . Please contact the official customer service to replace the motherboard.

Now that’s cool!
I’d love to get more insights even just to know what I can, and can’t fix myself…and I’m pretty stubborn about fixing stuff myself.
I’ve survived 2 Ender 3’s and an Anycubic MegaPro. I’m always up for a challenge!

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E500, key: 2294, unknown anomaly

Problem Analysis:
Machine resources are full

Reboot the machine

I’m in the process of putting together an error code document for your reference.

Warning: E500, key: 2111, unknown exception" pops up on the screen.

Problem Analysis:
Nozzle temperature has not risen to 170 ° C, received instructions to operate the extruder


  1. Restart the machine
  2. machine related slices deleted, re-slice printing

So how do you reboot the machine? Nothing in the manual, touch screen, or C-Print.

Follow creality wiki

There is nothing there to reference rebooting. Only factory reset, I’ve become very used to using it.

@Zerquetch Sorry answer is so late. Just now reading these great posts.

Rebooting this machine is done by turning it off with the switch and then back on in a couple minutes.
Doing a factory reset in the options menu @ System / Reset to Default lets you choose to erase files and basically clean up the machine for a fresh start.
Hope this helps a little. :grinning:

@Collin I found the error codes in the Wiki site @
Thank you. Hopefully I’ll never have to use it… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Is that the complete list as far as you know…??

Yeah, found under K1 Maintenance

But then there’s the ‘other’ code we get

and more like that
what be those, pray tell?

Extrusion below minimum temperature 170 degrees
Slicing problem, please use the official slicing or contact the official to use the official third-party slicing profile provided by the official

Abnormal motor driver chip TMC
Overheating: abnormal motherboard fan, low voltage: print speed is too fast.

Other error codes Please feedback to the official after-sales customer service.