Creality k1- max

I removed the extruder and changed the nozzle
Tried to extrude but clicking sound and no extrusion
I tried to do it without the extruder by manually pushing the filament through and it wouldn’t go
Any ideas would be appreciated

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Was the nozzle you replace clogged or worn out.
Make sure the replacement nozzle is the same size.

The clicking noise is the extruder gears skipping over the filament and not able to push it through.
It sounds like you might have a piece of filament stuck in the nozzle or the heat break.

Take the extruder back off and also the nozzle according to the Creality instructions and push a heated tool down through the heat break to make sure it’s not blocked…

I used the tool that came with it and it went right through
I tried it with filament with no luck
Heated to 240
Without a nozzle

Did it work ok before you changed the nozzle…?

Stopped in the middle of a print
Just changed the hot end out
Now I can manually get filament through
But won’t extrude

Ensure that you have flicked the filament clamp lever to the locked position otherwise the gears wont properly grip the filament.

This is the Locked position…

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I have the clicking gears problem and my K1 max will not reload. Got my K1Max two days ago. Have successfully printed several objects. Changed the filament to a different colour and now can’t reload. Have taken off the PTFE tube - a bit confused because no blue plastic lock to be removed - but got it off. Use tool to clean down to hot end. Have locked and unlocked appropriately (I think) but all I get is clicking gears when I reinsert filament into extruder. Help please.

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The newer versions of the extruder do not have the blue lock clip only the white lock ring as pictured which you press down to pull the tube out or put back in.

You’ll have to take the extruder apart carefully as it sounds like a piece of filament is blocking the gears.
Watch this video:
Creality Service. Extruder Disassembly

Hello, I have the same problem after changing the filament. I only get the clicking sound but no filament is coming out. I take the extruder out and there the filament is going through when extruding. The silcon tube is free and the hot end is changed with a new one. But it’s still not working. Even cleaning with the tool does help. The K1 max printer is 2 days old.

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Are you able to manually push the filament through…?

Make sure the lever on the extruder is pushed to the lock side… (to the left when viewed from the front)

Hi Jimandyen,
I found the problem. The heat sink was blocked with a little bit of filament. I think you know what this mean. K1 Max is printing again.

Great…! Glad to hear that…
Thank you for the update as it might help someone else with a clogging problem… :upside_down_face:

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I have the same problem my extruder keeps clicking I’ve cleaned any clogs in which there usually isn’t any I’ve used new and old filament and finally I’ve replaced the nozzle and the extruder and its still clicking

I got the same problem, even today after changing the filament. A very small peace of filament was in the heat-sink. Even with the tool I can’t get it out completly. Therefore I had to take the heat-sink out and clean it. Afterwarts everything was working fine.
I hope it helps.

I have already checked the heat-sink there’s nothing there it’s clean

Can you manually push the filament through…?

Make sure the extruder lever is in the lock position… :grin:

Just covering all the bases… :thinking:

I can push it manually and the extruder lever is properly locked

I would suggest to take the extruder out and take it apart to see what’s going on inside… If you can push the filament through but the extruder is unable to and it still makes the skipping or clicking noise it’s something with the gears inside not having enough tension to grip the filament possibly…

Extruder K1 / K1 Max Disassembly

There’s nothing visually wrong with the gears in the extruder