Creality print 5.0 Ender 3 v3 se profile

Hello, updated today to the newest CP 5 from GitHub and still no Ender 3v3 Se profile. I’ve been using the Ke profile just making some adjustments. Anyone else make one that works and willing to share? Thanks

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I am also looking for the same.

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I’m waiting too

I have been using a modified KE profile with good success. I capped the print speeds to 300mm/s and the acceleration to 3000 mm/s^2. I would be nice to get a real profile from Creality. I know this is thier lowest end printer but to completely neglect it is not kind.

The new update on GitHub has Ender 3v 3se profile finally. I haven’t tried it yet.

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I finally tried the Ender 3 V3 Se profile in 5.0.3 and my prints got all messed up, back to my custom one until this gets fixed. Do they even test these releases. WFT.