E3 V3 SE making awful noises during retractions and z hops

Hi. So I’m basically just printing normally with my ender V3 SE, and whenever I have retractions in my prints, it makes this really ugly noise. Any help here?

What slicer are you using…?
Take a look at your slicer retraction settings. Maybe it’s too high which would cause those noises…
Using Creality Print:
On my K1 Max settings are .90 mm retraction distance and retraction speed of 40 mm/s

Mine are 3mm with 40mm/s speed. Could the distance be too long?

Yes I would reduce the distance and also the speed. The defaults for the SE are as follows…

Retraction Distance: 1.2mm
Retraction Speed: 30mm/s

Thanks! I don’t really know what standards there are as I use a Chromebook most of the time and use Kiri:Moto.

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You’re welcome, if you get stuck or need any further settings we should be able to retrieve them for you :slight_smile: