Ender 3 KE: Scars/hills/holes on first layer

Hello, I’ve just got my first 3D printer: Ender 3 KE.
And… and I have a lot of problems with the prints - almost every print is failing after some time.
I’m using Devil Design PLA.
Let’s focus on the first layer. First layer adhesion seems to be fine, however, there are a lot of scars/hills/holes. And they start to occur after some printing time.

The best I could get after playing with a log of settings (flow, speed, z-offset, temperature, retraction, coasting) is this one:

Look at the left side - seems to be pretty good, isn’t?
Do you have any idea what should I check/set/change in my printing settings, or maybe this shows some problem with the printer and I should call Creality support?

The surface looks rough, you’re printing too close to the hotend, try to back off by 0.01 or 0.02mm and try again until the first layer looks perfect.

To be honest I’ve never tried positive z offset - and it seems to help. The print is maybe not perfect, but at least I can print without failures. Thx a lot!

Finally I’ve ended up with new PLA (Creality Hyper PLA) and… a glue! The glue is a game changer here. It resolved all my problems.

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