ender 3 v2 se to PC connection

Has anyone successfully connected their Ender 3 V@ SE to a PC. I tried with Cura but no luck, it wont see the printer,

My 3V3SE is connected to my PC via a Sonic Pad but I can’t print directly I have to upload to a web interface and send it down the LAN. My 3V3KE is connected to WiFi so you might have luck with a Nebula Pad connected to the SE.

I was going to try the Nebula but many videos on YouTube say it doesn’t work or cant connect to the SE model. I tried searching this forum but cant find anyone talking about the Nebula pad.
Thank for your info

Maybe it is Cura that can’t connect. Have you tried to connect with Creality Print?Works fine for my KE. I don’t think Cura does connect to the SE. It is Ultimaker software and connects to Ultimaker machines for the most part. Just looked at Cura 5.7.1 and there doesn’t seem to be an SE profile.

Well Cura has profiles for the SE. It see’s my SE but won’t connect . It says printer not connected. I know Creality won’t do it yet . Hope fully Creality will put a little more effort into their software. In these times Crealty seems a little behind the curve.