Ender 3 V3 KE does´t work LAN connection with Cura Slicer and Orca Slicer

Hello, i have an ender 3 V3 KE, i allready print a couple sample without any issue on creality print, i can acces de LAN dashboard and i can print with one click, but i want to change my slicer program to cura or orca slicer, and in both of them i can not detect my printer with the IP adress, in cura i download a pluging called moonraker connection but nothing, and in orca slicer the config is direct in the program, i tried the 2.0 version and the 1.9 version and nothing. I´m starting to believe that there is a restriction from the manufacturer
Some one is printing in one-click from Cura or Orca slicer?

Hi @Eze_Delpino and welcome to the forums.

As far as I know those slicers are not currently able to communicate with the machine unless the printer is rooted. In time I am sure that the developers of the slicers will add the functionality but for now you would have to slice the files, save them and upload them to the printer manually.

Hi @Eze_Delpino, I’ve had my KE two weeks now and downloaded Creality Print slicer that will communicate directly to the printer.
It is kind of ok, I am used to Ultimaker which will not directly connect (I am yet to explore rooting). I use Octoprint on my E3V2.

I’m having the same exact issue. With Orca 1.9 it says that it can communicate directly but when I enter the machines (V3 KE) IP address I get a 404 error. I looked in Cura but the KE isn’t even on the list yet. I like the UI and feature set functionality of Orca compared to Creality Print (clunky) but being able to print directly from the slicer is a must have.

Any Orca users here?

Same 404 error here with Orca and Ender 3 V3 KE. Funny thing is, when I’m wifi printing via Creality slicer, I can open orca and watch the Nebula webcam from the KE, so it has to be seeing the IP address ok. It almost looks like a sub-set of Creality slicer but in Orca, but I still can’t originate a job from Orca.

Not an Orca user but does Creality Print show up the printer/IP address?

That’s very strange (or maybe not?). If you’re ip is connected then you’re connected. Maybe some “functionality” coding is missing? I’m not a coder so just a thought.

did you mean “can’t”?

Yes, I meant to say still can’t originate a job from Orca. Yes, creality print shows IP.

I read somewhere that Octoprint needs to be installed (alongside) Orca however Octoprint requires full administrative privileges (Win) but when I found that out I didn’t install it (paranoia). I assume lots of other people have Octoprint installed however I’ll stick with Creality Print for now to “One Click” print.

Maybe a future update of Orca will allow local wifi printing without opening your computer up to the free world. Guess we’re stuck with Creality print for the foreseeable future.

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