Ender 3 v3 ke fans doesn't turn on

I just got me a ender 3 v3 ke and assembled it. It turns on but the fans on the hotend doesnt turn on and I can’t seem to find any help on it. It is stuck on the firsttime startup screen please help

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Congrats on getting a new machine…! :+1: :clinking_glasses:

The first thing to check is make sure the voltage is set correctly depending on what country you are in…

I’ve done that and even updated the firmware.

It gets stuck there. And before anyone says be patient I have waited for 1 1/2 hours already

Just trying to cover all the bases here…
I’ve seen there are different firmwares for the machines depending on the motherboard. I don’t know much about the boards but it’s something to check…

I have a (new) KE too and had a different firmware issue.
I’m a bit confused: You say you’re stuck on the first time startup screen but your image shows the calibration screen. So you would have successfully completed initialization to get there. Do you have the USB inserted?

@jimandyen correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t believe the hot end fans will come on during initial setup, at least mine didn’t. The body fan does but not the hot end. It’s not until the 2nd layer (Normal) that it kicks in for PLA.

@Mark_Newsom You may have tried this but:

Unplug the machine and wait for at least 1-2 minutes
Do not insert the USB into the Nebula Pad
Restart and see what happens

I actually found the problem one of the connector pins that connects to the hotend is broken

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Is that something you can fix or solder…?
Hopefully you can get it running… :crossed_fingers:

I doubt i can fix it or solder it. waiting to hear from creality tech support

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Can you post a picture?

This the best pic I can get of the broken connector

That’s odd. It looks like it is pulled up from the connection and bent over? I don’t think you’ll be able to bend that back without snapping it. Hopefully they will send you a new connection(board) or head.

so creality is sending me a new nozzle circuit board. i however got it fixed but gonna keep the board in case the current one decides to fully break. i am now having print quality issues. i have tried to adjust the z-offset but the quality is still not that good and the filament doesnt stick at times(i have the hotbed heated to the recommended temp for the matte PLA i am using.) my next goal i am gonna check to see if the bed is wobbly as its been reported for the ender 3 v3 ke series of printers.

Glad you got it fixed (and a spare to boot). Getting a perfectly smooth first layer across the plate is a fairy tale with my KE. I’ve tried everything possible via the calibration and Z offset and while I can print builds just fine the height differences across the bed make it impossible to have the same first layer consistency across the bed. I’m now wondering if the actual bed is not torqued evenly which creates the height differences from x to y diagonally. I’m going to check this possibility out after my print finishes.