Ender 3 V3 KE - filament wont feed

I need help.

My printer was under extruding, so i stopped, detracted and checked for a clog. Now i cant get the filament back in more than pictured.

Anyone got any ideas?

Hello @Gina_Rae_Pascoe and Welcome to the Creality Forum… :wave:Creality

Hopefully someone here will be able to get you back up and printing… :+1:

It looks like when you pulled the filament out it left a piece in there maybe…?

Have you tried extruding to see if any filament comes out…?

That’s what I thought too after posting.

Gave it a try, nothing came out, let at run at 240C for a while to see if anything would just melt and ooz out, but still nothing.

:disappointed: :disappointed:

Can you manually push any filament through while it’s extruding.?

Pull the nozzle off and see if it’s clogged.

After that use the nozzle cleaning tool (long needle looking thing) and see if it will push through the heat break…

Sometimes heating the tool up it will melt any clogs. Be careful and don’t burn yourself.

If not you might have to take it apart enough to see what is in the way… :disappointed_relieved:

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My dad helped me pull it apart carefully. We found the issue, there was a clog but up near the top, before the tube to the hot end :woman_shrugging:t2:

re leveling now, hopefully it prints well again now.

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That little piece caused all that trouble… :beetle:

Have fun…!

Thank DAD for us… :+1:

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Now it isn’t pulling the filament through, no blockages but doesn’t look like the gears are moving at all. When I pull the filament out it doesn’t have teeth marks in it.

If the gears are not turning at all make sure everything was put back together correctly and the wires are connected.

I’m not really familiar with your particular extruder but I believe you can put a washer or spacer to increase the grip on the filament if it is slipping or not pulling the filament through.
Not sure if your extruder is the same but it would look like this:

I have the other extruder.
We decided to pull it apart again and check if the motor was working by itself then put each piece back together.
All working well now, levelled, calibration cube and benchy printed almost perfect.
Now to test the new cookie cutter design we need.

Thank you for your suggestions :blush:

What was causing the motor to not work…?

Thinking maybe we over tightened the screws down the very bottom or maybe the plug was not in properly. unsure we unplugged/unscrewed/undid the whole lot and put it back again

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