Ender 3 V3 KE first layer note sticking to bed

Hi everyone.

I’m new to 3D printing and I have an Ender 3 KE.

It worked just fine for the past 2 weeks. I’ve printed PLA and TPU using Creality Print default settings ans Prusa Slicer with custom settings found on Reddit. All my prints were perfect.

Yesterday, a print failed middle print and I stopped it because I was getting spaghettis. After that fail, all my prints are failing because of the first layer not sticking to the bed. I have not changed any settings.

The cleaning line on the side of the bed is sticking perfectly, but when it goes in the middle, the filament IS flying.

I tried multiple solutions :

  • Run calibration before every print
  • Run the calibration on the menu
  • Clean my print bed with window cleaner
  • Manually set Z-offset with the paper technique but default setting was perfect
  • Reduce Z-offset in the slicer, I add -0.1 mm. It worked for one print but I had elephant foot problem and the print quality was not as good as before. I tried another prints and nothing changed…
  • Change temperature for bed and nozzle
  • Reduce first layer speed very low (Before it was set to 150 mm/s and worked perfect, and now first layer don’t stick to bed with 25 mm/s…)
  • Print on a side of the bed, not in the middle
  • Problem is identical with PLA and TPU…

If someone can help me with this… :innocent:

I dont understand why it stopped working suddently. It was perfectly printing before that.

Thanks you for the help !

Hello @Pandawasabi :wave: and Welcome to the Creality Forum…! Creality

A couple suggestions.

First maybe try changing to ISO (Edit:I meant IPA) (alcohol) to clean the bed. I’m not sure what window cleaner you are using but there is a possibility that it could leave a residue after it dries making the filament not sticking as well.

Filaments from different manufacturers can have different humidity levels and might need to be dried to print properly. Even a brand new roll might need drying…

How old is the nozzle… Brass…? I’m not sure exactly how long they last but if you have been printing a long time with filaments that are abrasive then the nozzle might be causing the problem.

Yes a wipe down with IPA after a wash is good practice.

Are you printing from a dryer or an older reel?

I don’t like saying glue stick but sometimes it is the last resort. I’ll use it with my work machines, I can’t be wasting hours with failed prints when someone else is relying on a print to continue what they are doing.

Which brand TPU? I prefer Overture, not had any adhesion problems with that filament regardless of colour choice.

Thanks for responding.

My Nozzle is brand new, only 2 week and few prints…

I use Amazon basic PLA, brand new as well, and Ouverture TPU.

So perfectly new printer and filament, working fine last week and no more now…

I know the tip of glue stick but why I need this now while my prints were perfect 3 days ago :joy:

A wipe down with IPA might be enough without resorting to glue stick. If you have none I bought this:-https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B0CVJT8V1R/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o07_s00?ie=UTF8&th=1

I was having the same issue, IPA to clean and then I also added BRIM to my models, especially smaller ones helped. Also if it was not zero’d to center I would see issues, even with z-calibration all the time. Rather waste a small amount of material on brim then spaghetti for an hour.

I have more alternate ideas:

I use hair spray. It may take 3 or more layers.