Ender 3 v3 KE loose Reciprocating bed bearings!

Hi !!
I recently got my new Ender KE 3d printer with loose Reciprocating bed bearings . :upside_down_face:
Is there any solution for this problem?
Thanks !


Are the rods rattling or the bearings or the carriage on the bearings? Front 2 rod fixing screws could be replaced with M3x5 grub screws, make sure the rear 2 mounting screws are good and tight. Check the carriage to bed screws are tight and the magnetic bed screws are tight. There are no carriage adjustment screws unlike linear rail carriages, if they are still really loose then you might have to contact customer service for replacements. Not mentioning linear rails as an alternative to linear rods yet, well not until youve done the rest of the checks and sought CS assistance. Is it a new machine off Amazon, could get a replacement?

This printer is the last Version and it doesn’t have front screws.
I have checked all the above but the bearings are to loose.
I have allready get in touch with customer service and I eagerly await their response.
I am looking forward to printing some things …
I prefer the round rails that is one of the reasons why I bought it…

Didn’t know they made it without the front screws, do the rails feel loose at the front. I would use some plumbers tape (ptfe) to make it tight while you wait for response for warranty claim

The rails are perfect.
Only the bearings are loose. :upside_down_face:

Ah okay got you, they are lm8uu bearings , I replaced mine with polymer ones

Thank you very much for the information !
Can I install new, better quality ones in the plastic casing ?

Yes I got polymer ones off Amazon

I think is LM-08-LUU…45 mm long ?

Did you get Igus Drylin ones? Could write to them and ask for a couple of samples, I have a many Igus samples kicking round for other linear rails, clutches and bearings.

ops…ok thanks !!

Yeah I did they were around £7 for four of them.