Ender 3 V3 KE touches print after nozzle change

I have just replaced my nozzle, and since then it touches the print after printing about 3-4 levels. I have double checked and the nozzle is properly screwed in, it has roughly the same size as the previous one (it was shipped with the printer).

I measured that, when i extrude 100mm of filament, it actually extrudes 105, so that might be the problem; however, i can’t see any options on this printer to change my E axis (as the video i watched suggests).

Any ideas how to fix this?

Touching the print after 3-4 levels probably means your z axis is a little too low. They might look the same but measuring a nozzle to 0.05mm even with a vernier or micrometer will probably show they are slightly different.

As for E steps I think rotational distance is what you should look for.