Ender 3 V3 Printing issue

Has anyone run into an issue with issue with the new V3? I am alost always needing to run a calibration before each print. It’s just started doing this. If I don’t run it the nozzle will start way above the print bed. Also when it goes to clean the nozzle most of the time it doesn’t come close to the surface. Any advice is appreciated.

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I have the V3 and haven’t run into any problems like that…

Try setting it back to factory and run the self check…

Make sure you have made all the connections properly including the voltage setting just to check…

Check the stepper motors on each side to make sure they are connected correctly. They should also be pretty warm so to be sure they are working.

Thanks, I had done that. For the most part it has ruin great so far.
I just have to keep an eye on it.

Good to hear… :+1:

I’m not running calibration except when I first got it so I was wondering if yours was off…

Do you need to manually adjust the Z offset? My V3KE can never get that right. It’s always at least 0.05 too high at the very minimum.

It has been running well but seems to need to be calibrated every print. Also there are no Z screws as this has belts that seem to be intact. When I factory reset it it gets stuck and tells me to relevel as there is an anomaly.

Do you have the Ender-3 V3…?
Using Creality Print…?
Just making sure here…

Is there some setting in your slicer causing the Z offset to change…?

Yes it is a V3 and I have only been using Creality print so far with it. Thanks I will check more into the slicing settings though.

Well it has factory reset and run fine. It seems to need it daily. It still runs into lots of level anomalies and need multiple attempts to complete a successful level. It also fails the firmware update.

Take comfort in knowing you are not alone in your frustrations. My V3KE is quite “moody”.

Regarding your firmware update failure: If your model of printer came with a USB stick with the Creality Software on it make sure it’s not plugged in if trying to wireless update the firmware. My KE would not update until I figured that out. Hopefully that is your issue.

I am also using the calibration every time when printing due when I remove printed model and putting back the bed that is 100% sure not on the same level as before if measured in 0.1 /0.01mm accuracy

My Ender-3 V3 downloaded the latest firmware ( something about optimizing the benchy print…??? ) and couldn’t install it. Showed an error message. Next day it installed it just fine…

Checking “print calibration” never consistently works for me. I must be missing something. The Z offset is always calibrated way too high.

You can read here,the solution to this problem is described in detail

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@Ralf-Creality I think what is being conveyed is some of us have tried those procedures as a remedy with inconsistent results. I personally can not rely on auto Z to work consistently especially when checking off the “print calibration” box. My settings and filament choice is correct but the auto Z is consistently between 0.03 - 0.08 too high.

We’ve found out exactly what the problem is and will be fixing it as soon as possible, and I’ll be posting a message at the top of the page when a new version of the software is released.
By the way, what type of material are you using?

Thank you @Ralf-Creality…! :+1:

@Ralf-Creality Yes, thank you for addressing the issue! Not sure who you are asking “what materials” but I"m using Creality Hyper PLA and also currently Sunlu PLA.

Can you provide a screenshot of the filament you purchased?

It’s just regular Sunlu white PLA purchased from Amazon. Nothing special. Why would you need a picture of the filament itself?