Ender 3 V3 SE Bed Material

I just received, setup and used my new V3 SE printer. The first print came out great with no tweaking to the software setting. In fact it stuck so well I messed up the plastic layer on spring steel bed. Does someone know the name of the new bed material so I can replace it.

The SE comes with PC bed material, I wrecked mine really quickly too. Since then I have only bought PEI build plates, any 235x235 plate will fit. Either get a Creality one or one of the many other plates. It tend to get Fysetc plates. Not all plates have V notches, you can either tin snips them in if you want. Push plates upto the screws or remove the screws and line it up with the back of the bed. All those options work.

I bought the Creality PEI smooth plate and am not having any success. Are your PEI plates textured?
Thank you for the quick reply

One side textured, one side smooth. The smooth side might have a plastic film layer that needs stripping off. If you can’t get it to stick to PEI then most likely your Z offset is too high. I normally start a print with a wide skirt so I can adjust the Z offset down so that the print sticks. Bit of practice and watch how much squish as you drop the Z by 0.05 at a time, too much squish and it will wreck the first layers. Oh and don’t wind it in too quick, the nozzle may smash into the bed and scratch it (been there done that)

Thank you!

Damn if there wasn’t a thin plastic sheet on top of the bed…Works great now…

Thank you for the hint about the cover.

I found out by accident after a really good print stuck really well and pulled off the tear off sheet, normally you would have a little tab to give a clue that there is a sheet. No matter glad it is printing well for you now.