Ender 3 v3 SE change filament in middle of print?

Ender 3 v3 SE change filament in middle of print?

sure you can change filament with or without a filament sensor.
obviously you need to be ready to swap filament.
what i have done on my NEO’s is wait until you have around 2 inches of filament left, remove the empty reel, hang a new reel.
hold the new filament end against the old filament and carefully push the new filament through the extruder behind the old filament.


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So I just pause, and manually remove the filament and resume hu? When I remove filament, sounds like gears are grinding…Ender 3 v3 SE.

The way I read it and the way I would probably do it is let the last couple of centimetres/inch keep extruding and then immediately guide the fresh filament in after it. It might a little gentle persuasion but as soon as the extruder gears get hold, it should just keep running. I have done this on my NG Swiss extruder a couple of times, had a roll of filament that was a bit brittle despite living in a heated drier.

Or get a split filament joiner and weld the filament together before it gets that far. Using one of these:-


Thank you very much!

thank you very much I have learnt something today and can certainly use it