Ender 3 V3 SE Display Bypassing Main Menu. Not Sure How To Fix

Hi, I just received my Ender 3 V3 SE. I put it together and when I went to turn on the display, it jumped to the nozzle offset screen bypassing the main screen. I tried updating the firmware and can’t get the printer to read the SD card. The printer has not been able to read the SD card at all.

Check the cables to the mainboard is my only suggestion otherwise contact support, might be a bad mainboard or input screen.

Thank you, I will check this out.

I’m having the same issue. Were you able to resolve this?

Doesn’t it do this on first start. Can you complete the setup? Sound like it’s not saving the state possibly

I was not able to fix this issue. I could not complete the set up process. I ended up returning the printer.