Ender-3 V3 SE: filament feeding problem during printing

I’ve received my new Ender-3 V3 SE one week ago, installed everything and printed (succesfully) the cat-file which was already on the USB-stick. No problems so far. But during 50% of all my prints since then, an error occurs which pauses the print and brings the printhead back to the left bottom corner of the printbed. I noticed that the filament was not pushed into the extruder anymore and was retracted almost completely out of the printhead, only being withheld by the extrusion clamp. If I manually push the filament back down, I can see the liquefied filament extruding. When I continue the print, no further problems occur (maybe 1 layer is visually bad).

Any ideas on how I can avoid this issue? I’m thinking about playing with the retraction settings, or tightening somthing inside the printhead (but no idea how or what)?

Many thanks in advance!

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Are you using Creality Print…?

It sounds like something changed in your slicer settings.

Enable retraction.

I believer the settings for retraction should be about 0.5 or 0.6 and speed about 75 mm/sec

Get familiar with all the parts so when something is loose or not working you can take it apart and fix or tighten it… :hammer_and_wrench:

Here’s a Creality video tutorial for your extruder… :arrow_heading_down:

Sounds like m600 colour change being done

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You were absolutely right! Thank you for pointing this out. I’ve accidentely activated the m600 colour change without noticing.

Thank you for the kind welcome! And thank you for the video tutorial about the extruder.

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That’s great news mate. Thought it sounded like that’s what it was attempting to do. Well at least you know if you need to use it, it works lol