Ender 3 V3 SE filament stopped @ 25%

May 2024, my Ender 3 V3 SE is approx 7 mths old.
I had printed one model that took approx 1hr 20mins and 1/2hr later attempted a second print identical to the first.
I was using PLA CR @210° & the bed @ 60°
It had printed approx 25% then appears to have spewed spagetti around the model.
The extruder was still turning but no filament was being extruded, it was locked solid.
I’ve managed to free the filament & strip the extruder down bu tam unable to detach the hotend as it is stuck, even the nozzle will can not be removed.

Anyone else have this happen?

foot note … still awaiting email response from Creality.

Yes many times, normally a case of the model coming loose from the bed and the printer just prints in the air. Having it lock up is a clog somewhere and yes needs a full strip down of the hotend and nozzle. Nozzle should come out, might need to put things in a vice and get a bit tough with it. The solidified filament can be surprisingly strong. It is all part of the territory and expect it to happen again at random times. Thought I had my Ender 5 plus running perfectly until it decided to clog overnight, luckily no spaghetti but a full strip down, clean threads, new nozzle and back to work.

So I’ve stripped the extruder, hot end, nozzle and managed to extract remaining filament.
I made sure all was clean, installed a new nozzle and whilst it appeared to act normally thru the initial “extrude” process it failed to print properly.
It started with a very faint initial line, proceeded to print the part but only very faintly and then stopped pushing filament out. (even with the extruder cogs still turning)
I cancelled the process & whilst it still showed 205° on the control pad the filament refused to come out.
I exerted a little brute force on the filament and out it came.
So off to ebay (or similar) to purchase a new hot end.

Was there a filament tangle? Sounds like there may have been if it was extruding then gave up. As for new hotend there aren’t many choices out there. Microswiss Flowtech being the one I would look at. Have a read here for some other opinions

No tangles at all.
I have a collar next to the spool to limit vibrations etc
I added this after having a “tangle” last year.
I’ll be looking at those other options soon.