Ender 3 V3 SE + Nebula Kit Home Postition

Hello all.
I got myself a Ender 3 V3 and got also the Nebula Smart kit plus camera.

So far, it was a bit trickey to get it working, specially with the initial setup but now we can print and everything seems to work.

I have only two question that the nebula kit does different.
First Question is: Is it possible to setup or Memorize a Home Location for the printer? Lets say i want to let the printer start always from the top instead of the very close bottom corner. Just want to know if its possible to setup this.

Second thing i noticed. When the printer is done with his job, the old marlin stuff drives the head to the corner and moved the bed complete out for easy Access to the print. The Nebula kit drives the bed completely to the back. Why? Is this something i can change somewhere?

Also sometimes, for example i move the head at the top for a better nose cleaning, the printer wont give the bed free. Dont know how to explains that, but if feels like the motor is still stuck.

I use currently the Creality Print software for that if that helps.

What you describe there are usually slicer options. The firmware is maybe different for homing commands, but the printer itself does not really move without GCODE besides that.

Thx for the Reply. Good to know. Currently i have a other problem. After a Factory resett of my Nebula Pad i cant finish the setup anymore. I have instead of a full list of printers only the selection of 3 Printers.

Ender 3
Ender 3 with touch and a Ender 3 pro. Cant select my Ender 3 v3 SE anymore. Do i need to open another thread for this? Would be nice if someone give me a hint. Dont know how to for example flash the firmware on that display.

I got it back working. If someone cant select any printer anmore after Updateing the Nebula Pad to V1.1.0.26 you need to flash back the Pad itself to V1.1.0.23.
In order to do so you put the firmware on a empty USB stick, connect to the pad and start the pad. The pad will ask then to “update” to the V1.1.0.23. After that, pad will restart and now you have a full list of Printers and the arrow keys back to scroll down. With V1.1.0.26, they are only 3 Printers so not much to scroll. May this helps someone.

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