Ender 3 V3 SE not extruding.

I have a problem with my printer.
I’ve been no problem for several months but all of a sudden i couldn’t print anymore.
The filament is not coming out the other side. Let me explain what I’ve done so far.
It is not a clogged. Everything is clean.
When Everything is up to temp and i push manually the filament thru it comes out, with no problem, it melts beautifully and comes out smooth. But when i try to print anything the printer does not push the filament through.
I replace the extruder and the stepper motor and the problem persist.
Im running out of ideas, i emailed creality a few weeks ago about this and they have not give an answer yet.

Hope someone here has a better idea on how to proceed with this problem i have.

Please help.

Have you adjusted the extruder so it is gripping the filament?

Hello! Thanks for your respond.

Yes i did. Even if i try to kinda move the gear on the top, the filament move just fine.

It is like the step motor does not get any signal about when to move, i dont know. Im definitely not an expert.