Ender 3 V3 SE Possible Retraction Issue

Hello! My first post here. I have been using the Ender 3 V3 SE now for about a month or so. Not a lot of heavy printing. This last print I did was going great until about 60-65% of the print and the nozzle started making light contact with the support trees and parts of the model - a slight “tick” sound. As the print progressed, the contact got worse and eventually broke one of the trees and was bending one leg of the model. Anyone got any ideas as to why?

You could possibly resolve the issue by retraction, but that takes alot of experimentation and different support shapes can change it. I use support density (Same as fill) I ste it between 10 and 15%, it makes a more solid support. Yeah, a bit more material, a bit more time, but you actually save material by not having to toy with retraction.

Thank you. I will change my fill settings and do some practice prints.

Thanks again,